Exporting into Other Formats
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  1. Exporting into Word
    1. Use FILE > TRANSFER TO WORK PROCESSOR to create a Microsoft Word version of your outline
    2. You will be able to choose when the export will carry over the prefixes, indentation, or line spacing.
    3. I often find it effective to compose in Inspiration (so I can move paragraphs around easily), and then convert to Word for any final touches (footnotes, text boxes, graphic lines, etc.).
  2. Exporting into PDF
    1. If your computer has a PDF printer defined, you can "print" the file to a PDF format.
  3. Exporting into GIF or JPEG
    1. Use FILE > EXPORT > GRAPHICS to convert your outline or graphics file into a GIF or JPEG file.
    2. If the colors are solid and without variances, use GIF.
    3. If the graphics are photographs or show subtle graduations of colors, use JPEG.
  4. Exporting into HTML
    1. Use FILE > EXPORT > WEB PAGES > DIAGRAM to start the export to HTML.
    2. You'll be prompted to provide a title for the export. If the page is to be a website, use "Index" for the title.
    3. Inspiration will create a totally separate set of files consisting of <title>.htm and <title-files> (a folder for all the files to be called).
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