Build an Outline
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  1. Adding headlines in an outline
    1. Cntrl-G for a new heading on the same level.
    2. Cntrl-K for a new subheading
    3. Cntrl-J for a new superheading
    4. . . . Or use the icons on the top menu bar.
  2. Adjusting headlines
    1. There is a difference between "selecting the headline" and "selecting text within the headline".
      Select the narrow graphic column on the left to select an entire headline; click within the headline to work on text. In the first case, the entire headline will be boxed on the screen. In the second case, the cursor will appear within the head, but only the graphic on the left will be highlighted.
    2. Cntrl-R moves the selected headline to the right one level; Cntrl-L moves it to the left one level.
    3. Once you select a headline, you can click 'n drag the handle on the left to a new position anywhere in the outline. A dotted line will appear to show you the location and level of the new position when you release the mouse.
    4. Use Cntrl-' to move a selected headline up in the same level; use Cntrl-/ to move the headline down.
  3. Adding TEXT and NOTES to a symbol/headline
    Here's some text beneath the headline rather than starting a new headline. A [HRt] at the end of a headline will start the notes. In the graphic view, Cntrl-Y opens/closes the notes window. In the outline view, Cntrl-Y hides/reveals the notes. You can also use the VIEW menu option to hide or reveal notes throughout an outline.
  4. Display Options
    1. Zoom in with Ctrl-(+)
      Or zoom out with Cntrl-(-) . There is also a graphic menu option at the bottom left of the screen.
    2. Focus on one headline with Shift/Cntl-X (also known as "hoisting")
      This will focus on only the headline selected along with whatever subheads it contains. Shift/Cntrl-Y will restore the full outline.. (Don't forget that leaving off the Shift key would be Cntrl-X, which will delete a headline entirely. If you make that mistake, use Cntrl-Z to UNDO the error.)
    3. Shift/Cntrl-8 will let you select how many levels of the outline are made visible. It only works on the selected headline and its associated subheads. So, first select the main heading at the top if you want to impact the entire outline.
  5. Outlines vs. Graphics: Cntl-T
    Inspiration will convert an outline to a graphic and vice versa. I don't use this feature too often, but you may find it useful to put a meeting agenda into a more graphic format, which is oftentimes more attractive and compelling to the audience.
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